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Guan Hong Kong teenagers interact deepen friendship

Date: 2015-12-20

Yesterday afternoon, a special social display BeiYu in raccoon city community.Is not a professional actor on stage, but the students from Hong Kong and in dongguan, they send a sang for citizens at the same time, also harvested the precious friendship.Fellowship display "interaction" as the focus, and the students took an ace, dancing, magic and play a wonderful programs, such as display, before the end of the students also side by side, together singing symbol guan hong song of friendship.The display is a two-way communication guan Hong Kong youth volunteer workers inspection trip to one of the project, and the exchanges of trip to Hong Kong teenagers out of Hong Kong, further understand the development of the motherland.
The Hong Kong education fund, director of the center for eternity Wong han: "they don't know what is the dongguan, so went to the exhibition hall, dongguan met in dongguan city planning as well as some communities, but also to understand environmental protection low carbon, let them know that also has a very advanced pavilion to visit dongguan."
To understand the dongguan volunteer work
Many Hong Kong students said the trip to dongguan although very short, but let them see the modern side of dongguan, and interact with dongguan students, also let them to a new understanding of volunteers.
Hong Kong students. William: "I followed them to volunteer, feel very happy. They encouraged us to try to do a volunteer, we have tried to do volunteer at a time, were all very nervous, a little overwhelmed, but by their class, to contact with them, let me try to do a volunteer."