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"Home of dragon vein" national Chinese painter invitational exhibition opening

Date: 2015-12-20

This morning, "home of dragon vein" national famous invitational exhibition of Chinese painting in the south, opened in the smithsonian center site to a lot of masters paintings, and we have to go.It is understood that the exhibition, famous, excellent work, collect outstanding painter's work throughout the country hundreds of, including Zhang Peiwu, liu dawei, li and other famous works, colorful, the works of the landscapes, flowers and birds, figures, calligraphy, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, painting, ink painting, painters communion, lingers eye for a pen and ink, one point one line, a leaf, a hill which is nature artists blessed are enlightenment, the work.
Dragon vein home of Chinese painting and calligraphy institute executive vice President and secretary general Zhang Peiwu: "this time the drawings is more, dongguan is artistic atmosphere is strong, by such a form, to communicate with you here, study, I took a dozen painters, to communicate with everyone, the dongguan culture art activity, the artistic atmosphere of dongguan further widened."
The exhibition fully demonstrate the creation of the Chinese painting and calligraphy all levels and features in the new period, bring an art feast to dongguan citizens, the exhibition will continue to 21 this month, interested in the public can visit here.