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Dongguan: fire departments do a good job in this winter spring fire supervision work

Date: 2015-12-20

Yesterday afternoon, city fire department in conjunction with the fire brigade to south south district community, the enterprise conduct fire control safety supervision, check well this winter spring fire prevention and control work.Team a line into the south street, community, hotel to check on the end of the year is the peak of the hotel housing, inspection group carefully check whether the hotel fire equipment equipped with perfect and can be used normally, escape routes was clear, and so on, at the same time also to fire control room, check to see if a monitor, understanding of hotel fire control knowledge training to the staff whether move, whether know the evacuation during a fire, have done detailed check.
Inspectors VS hotel, director of security
Inspectors, "such as you at ordinary times the firehouse firefighters, peacetime training is an emergency, including emergency evacuation of employees."
Hotel security director: "our organization staff evacuation, someone is someone play play what, this."
Inspection group, also came to the south new community, understand the community on the construction of part-time fire brigade, equipment configuration, and part-time firemen duties, skills training, etc, check, part-time firemen must strengthen patrol inspectors hope community, especially at the end of the year, community fire pressure big, easy paralysis during the festival, community part-time firemen, grid member must complete three small places, such as the rental patrol work, found that the problem timely rectification, ensure the safety of people's life and property.