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Dongguan built nine "smart and exquisite" children's libraries Guide the parents take time to read with your child

Date: 2015-12-20

On December 18, hosted by the guangdong women's federation and family periodical group co., LTD. Of "children's book fairy of the music, the first demonstration garden (eastern pearl river delta region) start presentation" was held in dongguan experimental kindergarten.Jun-feng han, vice President of all-china women's federation in dongguan, guangdong home journal group deputy general manager Yang bin, as well as representatives of huizhou, heyuan city, women's federation attended the meeting.

Help parents understand parent-child reading

According to introducing, "which children's libraries of the music," the purpose of the project is to create a good reading environment and atmosphere for the children, to cultivate the correct reading habits, help parents actively parent-child reading education at the same time.

The so-called "parent-child reading education", is not a simple borrowing, but need to kindergarten to guide parents to put aside time for a child to read, to read heuristic.Then gradually formed a system of family education process.

Qiao tongue which children's libraries provide a variety of high quality picture books, open a beautiful environment of children's libraries, to build the APP platform, to provide the network library services, writing reading strategy and so on a series of work, is based on the project construction.Hope that through the children's libraries in solid foundation construction, promote the understanding of parent-child reading, parents education children better.

To promote children's libraries in reaching more children

The presentation picture books to read, please specially professional teacher for the 20 from dongguan, shenzhen, huizhou, director of the first batch of demonstration garden, and children's book administrator, tells the story of reading in the important and key role of preschool education;Also, is introduced in detail the director to the configuration of children's libraries and library books.

After the meeting, the director and the children's libraries visited dongguan experimental kindergarten administrators "qiao tongue which children's libraries' and carefully listen to qiao tongue which children's libraries in the operation of the system. Through this activity, the principal, the teachers are about the project more real, more comprehensive experience and understanding, of the children's libraries recognizes advanced education concept and education method, hope to further promote children's libraries, reaching more children.